Company Name - The Fun place for Furry "Fur"-ends

" We are extremely happy with the service we receivd from Vivian, the groomer and manager. She is passionate about dogs and so talented in what she does. Our Cairn Terrier was definitely pampered. Her teeth look perfectly clean, and her winter hair trim was just what we asked for. We highly recommend Woof N Purr, and will be coming back!"
" I am so glad I brought my Sadie to Woof N Purr. My Sadie used to be so scared whenever I'd pick her up from the groomers, but when I picked her up from woof N purr, she was happy and playful. The groomer was so gentle with Sadie. At Woof N Purr, there are no box like cages. They only take a minimum number of dogs so the dogs can be segregated in their own area, or roam freely if they are friendly with any other dogs present. They don't take more than 5 dogs a day....average 2-3 the groomer can take her time with the dog. There is a glass window through which an owner can view the whole grooming process if they wish too. I would recommend Woof N Purr to any owner who truly cares about the happiness of their dog."

Anita & Sadie
"I brought my Shitzu Lulu to Woof N Purr and was  really happy  with the grooming done. The prices are really reasonable, I don't think I could have gotten it done any cheaper elsewhere for such a good service. Wouldn't go anywhere else from now on."
Good price, good service, happy dog! Woof Woof!

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