Company Name - The Fun place for Furry "Fur"-ends
Now with 2 locations.

Welcome to our little world where "Fun for our Furry Fur-end" never ends.

We are a small Dog & Cat   grooming salon in Vancouver that offers 
 NO-SEDATION TEETH CLEANING as part of our regular services .

We believe that dental cleaning should be part  of SOME dogs regular maintenance 
as certain dogs are prone to consistent plaque formation .For some dogs, once or twice a year dental cleaning is not enough to properly maintain healthy gums and teeth.

The owners involvement in keeping their dogs teeth clean on a daily basis is the most
effective way of maintaining your dogs health.  Regular brushing and removal of plaque
formation at home is the best. We understand however that in our busy schedules, this
can be difficult or unrealistic for some owners.

This is where we come in and would like too partner with you in ensuring that not only is
your dog looking clean and good on the outside but that your dogs teeth are clean and maintained as well.



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