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We are a small Dog & Cat grooming salon that specializes in NON-SEDATION TEETH CLEANING, as part of your dogs regular maintenance.

We believe that dental cleaning is an important part of your dogs regular maintenance. This is especially true for the smaller breeds as well as certain breeds prone to plaque & tartar  formation, despite feeding the proper diet or dental cleaning treats. From my experience, yearly teeth cleaning is not really ideal, because some dogs  constantly accumulate plaque that turns into hard tartar in just a couple of months or even weeks.  Plaque and tartar eventually pushes its way under the gum  line causing gingivitis, gum recession  and eventually loose teeth  which can not be reversed.

The owners involvement in keeping their dogs teeth clean on a daily basis is the most
effective way of maintaining your dogs dental health.  Regular brushing to avoid the formation of plaque and development of hard tartar is essential to having a dog with a healthy mouth and nice smelling "doggie breath".

However, for some owners, despite how much they love their dogs, this task of regularly brushing their dogs teeth is just impossible to accomplish due to their already busy schedules or because their dogs wont let them. This is similar to the way children object to their parents but cooperate with someone else like a teacher or doctor.

This is where we come in. To help you maintain your dog with both  regular grooming and dental teeth scaling , making your life easier and your dog happier and healthier.



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