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The photo on the right was taken after PlqClnz Irrigation, and 25 min of scaling. Results may vary depending on dogs cooperation & dental condition.
Maintenance is the key. For dogs with already accumulated supragingival calculus and plaque, we scale a few teeth at a time so as not to put your dog through too much stress.  15 to 20 minutes at a time is what we recommend at each grooming appointment.
Plaque formation around gumline creating a retentive surface for more plaque to accumulate.

The above photo shows soft plaque accumulation on a 3 yr old dog with some mineralized calculus above the gumline. on the canines and front incissors. A perfect example of how dental maintenance on dogs can best prevent dental problems from starting. The above photo was taken after PlqClnz treatment & irrigation , brushing and 15 minof scaling. We managed to do the whole mouth in one session.

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