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The best way to keep your dogs mouth healthy is by preventive maintenance. Plaque accumulates on your dogs teeth and begins to mineralize into calculus within 48 hrs. The newly formed calculus then serves as a retentive surface for even more plaque to adhere to and so the cycle continues.
 When left unaddressed, this cycle of plaque retention and mineralization continues until the gums are affected eventually leading to periodontal problems which can only be treated by a Qualified Veterinarian under sedation.
(See teeth in above photo after regular dental care in 'Dental Photo' page)
Regular brushing and plaque removal is essential to ensure that the cycle of plaque retention and mineralization does not happen. 
Despite how much we love our dogs and want the best for them, sometimes it is difficult to find the time to regularly attend to their teeth in our already busy lives.
This is where we would like to  partner with you in helping to make sure your dog has a healthy mouth for a healthier , longer life with you.  We offer the ff services which can be combined with their regular grooming :
Dental Brushing : removes soft plaque accumulation and food particles and debris.
( we use disposable tooth brushes with chickn flavoured tooth paste.
PlaqClnz Treatment & Irrigation: PlqClnz is an alcohol free, all natural formula with zinc complezx which assists is the removal of plaque and tartar formation. (Check the PlaqClnz page formor information on the procedure)é
Supragingival scaling: Removal of mineralized calculus , plaque and mildly stubborn tartar.
Please note that any dental conditions that involve more than  the formation of plaque & tartar above the gum line, any periodontal inflammation , loose teeth etc.... can only be handled by a Qualified Veterinarian,

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